5 of our Favorite Natural Gas Educational Products

Educating the public and promoting safe behavior about Natural Gas is an important responsibility.  We have developed a set of outreach materials to help you educate your community. These are our 5 favorite products to assist you with natural gas safety.

#1  Natural Gas Safety Watercolor Paintbook

This watercolor paint book teaches kids about natural gas safety narrated by our favorite rotten egg. The 6-paint palette is attached directly to each of the 12 pages.

#2  Natural Gas Saving Tips for your Home

This efficiency guide to natural gas appliances focuses on HVAC, hot water, and cooking.

#3 Learning about Natural Gas with the Safety Squad

In this fun and informative coloring book, kids learn how to stay safe around natural gas. The Safety Squad shows kids what to do if they smell gas, and teaches them to be careful around gas appliances and pipes.

#4 Scratch and Sniff Cards

Be prepared, just scratch these handy cards to find out what a gas leak smells like, and read the back for safety tips. These are available in 2x3 and 4x6.

#5 Scratch and Sniff Stickers

We were finally able to get these stickers back in stock!

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