5 Surprising Uses for Educational Materials

Electric Safety

We’ve been making educational and outreach materials for almost twenty years. Over that time, we’ve heard of some fun ways to effectively use our materials that we hadn’t thought of ourselves. Here are 5 of our favorites:

  1. In the truck: When crews are in the field or working in a home, they are magnets for kids. Big trucks, interesting looking equipment, all things that capture young attentions and all things that aren’t safe for kids to play around. A coloring or activity book and a set of crayons can go a long way towards entertaining the kids, winning big points with the parents and giving your crews in the field the time and space to do their job.
  2. Lines: Sometimes they are inevitable. Sign-up days, busy times, crowded events. Our playing cards and kids activity books have been popular items to keep the crowds entertained while waiting in line.
  3. One Tip at a Time: One of our clients had a requirement that they give out an efficiency tip on every customer service call. They armed their customer service team with our playing cards and said to pick a card at the end of each call and read it to the customer. It made it a game for the customer service team and is one of the more creative uses of our products we’ve seen.
  4. High Bills: There are always people who call to complain about how high their bills are. One client said they kept a stack of our Complete Guide to Saving Energy and sent it to everyone who complained.
  5. Science Fairs: Energy has always been a STEM field. We even made this fun logo to celebrate that (please contact us if you’d like to use it for something). Our activity books all contain a large dose of STEM content. Bring them to your local science fair and engage with young minds about how interesting energy is as a field.

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