Design Services

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Our team has years of experience designing for education and outreach.
If you need something that isn’t in our catalog, we can make it for you.
Contact us to discuss your project and we can put together a plan
to create the materials you need for your programs.

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We transformed our Learning about Natural Gas coloring book into a watercolor paint book for Orange and Rockland.

We added original content to each page and modified our Safety Squad characters so they would be dressed in O&R uniforms and drive O&R vehicles.

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Southern California Edison needed a book that covered a wide range of topics and was specific to the needs of Californians.

We developed a new character just for them:
Izzy the California Grizzly.

Izzy teaches kids about energy and water conservation, recycling, and natural gas safety, all in a unique custom product, with sticker pages!

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Our experienced design team created a fully custom deck of playing cards with a focus on sustainability for the City of Satellite Beach Florida.

With Project Energy Savers’ industry knowledge and personal attention it’s easy to draw a winning hand.