National Lineman Appreciation Day

National Lineworkers Appreciation day is quickly approaching!  It’s on April 18th! We thought it would be nice to share a free image for you to use on social media. Copy the image below to use in on your Facebook or Instagram account.  We plan on launching more free use images in the near future so we hope you like them! Tag us @projectenergysavers or use #projectenergysavers if you do! If you have ideas for new content you would like to see please don’t hesitate to make suggestions to

We have lots of products that are fantastic resources for your crew when they are in the field or working in a home. Stickers, toys, and coloring books for kids, and apparel for adults. Our educational materials capture the imagination and provide vital safety information. A small gift can go a long way towards creating good will and giving your crews in the field the time and space to do their job.

#1 Utility Worker Dress-Up Activity Sheet

What better way to teach kids about the important work of lineworkers than helping them get ready for a day on the job. Printed on repositionable vinyl, kids learn what safety gear is required to work with electricity and why it is important.

#2 Getting Serious about Electric Safety

A great resource on the topic of electric safety for older elementary school students. Packed with fun facts, and engaging games.

#3 Utility Truck Watercolor Paint Book

We love utility trucks and kids do too! This brand new watercolor paint book takes kids on a journey through all types of utility trucks, big and small. The 6-paint palette is attached directly to each of the 12 pages.

#4 3-D Paper Model Bucket Truck

Kids will love to assemble this awesome piece of equipment, and they will learn all about power line safety as they do it! Ships flat. Pricing is for non-customized items only. Please call for customization options and pricing

Also – ask us about this awesome lineman hat for all your hardworking, brave lineworkers.  The hat can be customized with your own logo!

Please contact us at for more information or to receive your personalized quote.

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