Unique Ways to Continue Outreach

Last month we sent out a survey reaching out to our clients about the current climate of your outreach programs.  The results were as we expected.  85% of you are undergoing varying degrees of change in your outreach programs.  We feel it too and we are continuing to work on ways to help you get back into your groove.  However that looks. If you haven’t filled out the survey we would really appreciate it- it takes only a few minutes.  You can find the survey here.

We wanted to share these unique ways to continue your outreach.


Bucket Truck Decorating Contest

Central Electric Cooperative  came out with this creative idea using our 3-D paper bucket truck and we think its fantastic.  They created a sign up form on their website and then kids can request a bucket truck cut-out, design, assemble it, and post it on social media.  Its a great way to entertain and engage our home-bound children don’t you think?  Pay a visit to their facebook page to see all the wonderful creations.

Energy Bingo

Montgomery County in MD along with some partners created an awesome game of Energy Bingo.  Each box encourages their clients to be pro-active with saving energy.  Its a great way to keep families thinking about ways to save energy.

Creative Distribution

Utility Workers

A coloring or activity book and a set of crayons can go a long way towards entertaining kids that are stuck at home.  When utility trucks are out on calls they could put goodies in the mailbox.  They could include a pre-printed note card, that encourages parents to check out social media, or outreach websites. We would recommend books like Getting Serious about Electric Safety, Utility Truck Watercolor Book, and Learning about Electricity with the Safety Squad  for this type of outreach.

Food Banks & Restaurants

We saw a news article about how a local restaurant was giving away coloring books to kids with pick up or delivery orders.  It made us think of a way to distribute outreach materials.  Contact your local food pantry, offer to donate educational coloring books.  Its a win win… You get your outreach material in the hands of your clients and you are showing and giving support to your local restaurants and/or food pantries.   We would be happy to assist with split shipping and getting booklets to the businesses of your choice.


School Districts may be looking for at home activities to send home to students.  We just wanted to remind you of the complimentary educator’s guides that we have available, perhaps schools would be interested in distributing educational material to classes to both entertain and educate students.


Coloring Pages

Last but definitely not least we just wanted to remind you about our coloring pages, we have an Essential Workers series as well as a series of tips for kids.  Feel free to put them on your website or email to your clients. The pages are free to use and can be customized.  They would be great to use to encourage use and interaction on social media.

I would love to add to this list so if you have any unique ways you are doing out reach please shoot me a message nydia@projectenergysavers.com!